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At TradeForza we believe money should move fast, which is why our high performance team trades in the rapid world of Crypto and Forex trading where we can grow your funds at an unmatched force and speed.





Using the latest technologies driven by high frequency trading algorithims and AI machine learning, we utilize every possible edge to take advantage of every opportunity that we spot in the markets. At TradeForza we live by a simple motto: "Slow growth is no growth". Speed and momentum is how we trade the markets to profit no matter what direction it is currently moving.

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Investment Plans

4.3% Hourly

amount range

$10 - $2500

ROI 103.2%

investment term: 24 hours

4.4% Hourly

amount range

$2501 - $10000

ROI 105.6%

investment term: 24 hours

4.5% Hourly

amount range

$10001 - $50000

ROI 108%

investment term: 24 hours


amount range

$10 - $50,000

After 3 Days

investment term: 3 days


amount range

$10 - $50,000

After 5 Days

investment term: 5 days


amount range

$10 - $50,000

After 7 Days

investment term: 7 days

Hourly Profit


24 Hours Profit


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About Tradeforza

Trade Forza was registered in the United Kingdom as "Trade Forza Limited" with a company number of 14170925. Our experienced team of professionals trade exclusively in the fast-moving Forex and Cryptocurrency markets where we can generate exponential returns to our members.

Our team employs the latest in cutting-edge technology including the use of AI and machine learning to give us every possible advantage and enable us to profit no matter which direction the market is moving.

We offer a return of between 0.43%-0.45% Hourly or 130%-400% after 3-7 days. We have taken all possible security protections including DDOS protected hosting and SSL secured encryption. We accept most popular cryptocurrencies for deposit and withdrawal and with all withdrawals being performed instantly after requested. In addition, we also offer 24/7 support ready to help at any time.

Ready to grow your money fast? Join Trade Forza now and let your money ride "in the fast lane"!

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Referral program

By referring people to the TradeForza platform, any registered user may earn money. To earn money by recommending our website, there is no need to make a deposit. Each user can copy and share their referral link. Earned commissions appear in your account balance instantly, where you may withdraw them to your wallet or reinvest them as a new deposit.